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"DID I FALL" Rick Wakeman, a dear friend, introduced me to a writer pal who wrote biographies and had completed the life story of Terry Dene, one of the UKs first rock n rollers. I bought the rights from him and created "DID I FALL", based on the birth of rock and roll in fifties Britain. This script was approved by both Terry and his biographer.


"JACK, THE UNTOLD STORY"...Mindful of the moving trend to the younger audience, "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK", for me, was the fairy story which fired my imagination. The screenplay is based on plugging the missing elements of why, what and where to bring a rounded conclusion to the big screen. The project is in ongoing development as "JACK, THE UNTOLD STORY".


"PARALLEL" an action drama set against the Papal visit to the USA in the summer of 1987, is the most recently completed screenplay.


"DORROW'S RIDGE", inspired by my father's love of westerns, was my first screenplay, written a la Agatha Christie Whodunit style.


"EIGHT FEET AWAY" is a story about a twelve year old boy and his ten year old sister who are orphaned when their family are killed in a road accident. They are put in a home but break out with their dog to find the grandfather they believe to be alive somewhere in Texas. It is a story defining the awesome enormity of the USA and the emotional dilemmas runaway kids endure on such a journey whilst evading the authorities.

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"FLYMO",a contemporary take on Batman and Robin, Cisco and Pancho, The Lone Ranger and Tonto etc. Written in six one hour parts for television. Moral crusaders who deal with things the authorities don't. Post watershed, tough hitting, interspersed with fun, a drizzle of sex, violence and bad language. The characters unfold through the series and could be ongoing.


"The Impatient Out Patient" Chronicles five surgeries between 2009 & 2012. For adaptation as a teleplay seen from the contrasting point of view from the pillow . Hence the working title "The Difference".

"HAGS". Currently in development (with a colleague) a sit-com about the lives of three women living together, overtones of Gavin & Stacey meets Ab Fab. We're feeling good about it so far.


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"KILLING SANDS" Good could never imagine evil......ever being this bad


Go 40 years without needing to see the inside of a hospital then, all of a sudden its wham, bam, thank you ma'am and so begins the crazy roller coaster of staying alive.

All I ever wanted was a new hip but the abdominal pain, which came completely out of the blue, resulted in five operations, three being life saving surgeries plus to new hips, compelling me to write a diary on each one.

You'll get to know me, the people I met and loved, those I didn't and the ways of the UK's jewel in the crown, the National Health Service, that pulled out all the stops to keep me writing this diary.


"NO DIAMONDS IN THE DIRT" is the biography of a retired London East End villain. When Detective Chief Superintendant Leonard "Nipper" Read led the investigation against the notorious Kray Twins in the late sixties, he listed 28 people for arrest or to turn Queen's evidence. He managed 27 and this biog is about the life of the one he couldn't catch. The subject matter died half way through and we never did manage to get it published.


Ever travelling, I browsed thousands of airline magazines and wondered why they never contained a short story. I decided to write some with a strong female bias. There are ten, fifteen minute reads.


"EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSIE" Rosie is everyone's favourite at the office, just ask Mister Featherstone.

"BRITISH TELECON" - Win the competition of a lifetime and get famous, or get a life.

"WEIGHT WATCHER" - Be careful when watching your weight, perhaps you're not watching.

"NATURAL MEDICINE" - This cannot be my baby, just cannot but then again......

"MANCHESTER-UNITED" - No better place to meet, even after twenty years.

"AGONY AUNT" - When things don't work out with your man, you know the only person to call.

"SNAKES & LADDERS" - In business, watch out for the snakes and keep your feet on the ladder.

"ONLY SMARTIES HAVE THE ANSWER" - Time can be such a memory killer, unless you're with a smartie.

"SURGICAL SPIRIT" - ..."There are times you doubt yourself but your partner doesn't, never has, never will!";

"THE NIGHT OWL" - Sometimes, being an undercover cop can lead to complications in the line of duty.

All my work is copyrighted worldwide.
David Ball -- 2014.

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The story of TERRY WILLIAMS and the birth of UK POP IDEAL'S

London, post WW11. Cold, grey, smokey and lifeless. Hard times, jobs scarce, people sick. TERRY WILLIAMS, a war baby, mentally scarred by the Blitz and the lack of a Father (serving abroad), Terry clung to his Mother, introverted and unstable. His school years were a nightmare, as were the visits to the psychiatrist for the medication he seldom took.
Then, overnight, everything changed; Bill Haley and The Comets saw to that! ROCK N ROLL arrived, creating something to hold on to and believe in. Terry, short on friends save CHARLIE PARKER from school, quickly found his release mechanism and learned the basic chords on an old guitar, mimicking his idol (Elvis) in the bedroom mirror. His rollercoaster had just begun.
Following a number of dead end jobs, always terminated by his violent outbursts, Terry gained employment in a record store (for him, heaven). DAVE, a fellow assistant, fancied himself a drummer and joined up with Terry to practise, fuelled by tea and biscuits from Terry's Mum and with Charlie as the audience. Terry joined a band doing pub gigs for one pound, five shillings a night plus a few pints at the end. The beer and the stabilising tablets created a mental Molotov and regular flare ups saw Terry regularly in trouble.
Unperturbed, he swung by the "TWO I's" coffee bar in Soho, a renowned breeding ground for young rock n rollers such as Tommy Steele, Billy Fury, Cliff Richard and a fellow "wannabe" named Mickey Most. Following a five minute spot, the manager, PAUL LINCOLN contacted impressario HYMIE ZAHL who saw the talent, signed him up and TERRY DENE was born, the name created by Mickey.
Decca Records Producer, DICK ROWE took Terry on trial whilst Hymie fixed for the band to play live on "THE 6-5 SPECIAL", a new rock n roll programme on the BBC. Rowe's choice of record was "A WHITE SPORT COAT" which the band took into the pop charts in 1957. TERRY DENE AND THE DENE ACES went huge and hit the road big time, puppets to Rowe's money making machine but too na've to understand or care. Gig after gig played to packed houses but Terry, (now England's answer to Elvis Presley) hit the bottle and the headlines far too often for the wrong reasons.
After a whirlwind romance, Terry married EDNA SAVAGE, a talented and pretty young singer; front page news again. Edna quickly realised Terry was unstable and her miscarriage sealed the end of a doomed relationship. Terry plunged further into the abyss.

Following Elvis success as a G I, the British Government began enlisting young rock n roll stars, hoping the youth of Britain would follow. In a blaze of publicity, Terry lasted twenty four hours in a uniform before losing it, being found mentally unfit and shipped to a safe institution in a straight jacket. Questions were asked in the house before Terry was discharged four months later. Fleet Street exacted revenge on wild man Terry Dene (who had punched out more reporters than he could remember). Terry's life at the top was over at twenty one, just another "one hit wonder". Miraculously, Terry Williams is alive today.

DAVID BALL 2009 All rights reserved.

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a blockbuster family film crammed with visual effects marrying the worlds of reality and fantasy.

"Jack ' The Untold Story" is a blockbuster family film crammed with visual effects marrying the worlds of reality and fantasy. Earlier attempts to tell this simple timeless fairy story have failed to capture a universal audience. It is the previously untold elements which, when woven into the existing story, reveal the full stunning impact of this enigmatic tale and create a "must see" screen magic unique to the genre.

In this contemporary adaptation of one of the most famous rites of passage stories ever told, we unravel the timeless riddles of why Jack was given the beans and chosen for this journey, what magical creatures, friendly or otherwise, could have lived on the beanstalk and, finally, where is the father he has never seen.

Jack is an all American 21st century teenager; nearly 16, he's again flunked his exams and works part-time as a busboy in Ogreson's Diner and Deli to help his mother make ends meet. His mum Sarah, now in her mid forties, has failed yet another audition. Sixteen year old Clare, a waitress at the diner, is the love of Jack's life (but doesn't know it yet).

Ogreson's Diner is not all it seems. It is a portal to the other world; a place where reality and fantasy merge. Ogreson (mid forties) is a blundering bully who runs a strict regime with his employees and is generally disliked. His wife, Mrs Ogreson, similar age, is a plump and kindly soul. One of the diner's regular clientele is F.L.Murphy, a strange mesmeric character who eats bean soup and jelly beans; the catalyst in our story.

Mother enters the diner to collect Jack but, before they leave, F.L.Murphy (FLM) tells Jack he is about to go on a journey and hands him a bag of beans. Jack promises Clare he will see her tomorrow and sets off with mother.

She heads off in the wrong direction and Jack questions her. Adamant they will make this journey, the drive continues. On arrival at a distant farm the story unfolds. She produces a faded photo of Jack's father and informs Jack that he just vanished into thin air almost sixteen years earlier and that this journey will re-unite the family. Explaining further, she tells Jack that his grandfather has passed away and she believes his son, Jack's father, will come to claim his inheritance, a five thousand acre farm in the middle of nowhere, USA. Jack's reluctance dissipates to support her theory, quietly believing she may have lost the plot.

At the farm they are greeted by a neighbour, sixty year old local, Mister Green who informs them the farm is up for auction in three weeks to cover the debts old grandpa Josh Harpmann had run up with the bank. Mr Green informs Jack and his mother that he intends to purchase the property. Furious and frustrated, Mother leaves Jack to tidy up the garden whilst she goes into town to challenge the debt.

Having completed his chore, Jack sits down and pulls the bag of beans from his pocket. He notices a real one and plants it in the ground.

Hey Presto! A giant beanstalk erupts from the earth, high in the sky and Jack is enticed to climb. What follows is the timeless (Fee! Fi! Foh! Fum!) story of "Jack and the Beanstalk", only this time Jack will also enter the magical world of the Stalkster, the Runner Bear, the Green Bean Sleeper Creeper, the Lucky Seven Ladybird and the Furry Spider, all very real creatures who live on the stalk. He will encounter the fearsome Red Bean Creature and a plague of locusts on his incredible journey. Dark moments await him that will test his resolve as he follows the dubious instructions of FLM to reach his goal.

And, in an action packed finale that sees Jack reunited with his father, mother and the love of his life, Clare, they set off with the help of FLM to regain their rightful inheritance and live happily ever after.



David Ball 2008.


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Summer 1987 and Pope John Paul 11 will visit the USA for the second time on a whistle stop tour spreading the word. Security for his visit will be heightened to "Red Alert" as the US Government attempt to stave off any religious cranks or terrorists with a different agenda.

World peace will not be threatened whilst his Holiness is on their soil. But there is another plot afoot, parallel to the Pope's visit; to unleash war on organised crime, targeting IL Capo D'ANGELI. Once he falls, the lesser bosses will follow. To carry off a mission of such magnitude will require a team of dedicated personnel and ultra precision planning; seamless in its structure and faultless in its execution. There is only one leader, CHUCHO whose lieutenants MATTHEW and ANDREW will unilaterally support him. The team will consist of a Bank Manager, Lawyer, Hit Man, DEA Cop, Senator, Bank Robber, Stockbroker, News Reporter, Priest and a Mechanic. Once the recruitment program is complete, Chucho unravels the complexity of the plan. Using arranged funds, the newly formed AOG Inc start buying shares in D'angelis legitimate business interests via the Bank Manager, Stockbroker and Lawyer, only to dump them at a loss, forcing a drain on the Capo's resources. The mobster orders his number two, SMART TONY to find out what's happening and fix it. D'angeli plans to relieve the Saratoga race track of receipts from their next big meeting; the two million dollars plus will go some way to easing his losses.

The raid is successful but their escape is thwarted by Chucho's team, who relieve them of the cash, masterminded by the Hit man, Bank robber, DEA Cop and Mechanic. As the papal visit nears, the Senator in the team, working with the News reporter, televises his dissatisfaction with US security arrangements for the forthcoming visit whilst confirming that his state have it buttoned down.
Chucho and Matthew unravel the next move. Arrangements have been made for the Pope to be "kidnapped" on his arrival in Florida with a ransom of forty billion dollars put on his head, to be paid at the rate of one billion dollars a day. The ten leading organised crime bosses are to be the payers and the money will be received by the US Treasury for transmission to the Red Cross.
D'angeli and his colleagues are duped into paying but Smart Tony has already "converted"the Stock broker and tortured the Priest, predicting Chucho will not allow this to continue and replace the Priest with himself.

The mobsters are now financially ruined. Aided by public donations and divine intervention, the required ransom is completed. The pope is returned safely to the Vatican, the third world problem has been significantly reduced, the US drug problem has vaporised but Chucho has been delivered to D'angeli. IL Capo finds redemption and a deeper respect for the church whilst the bullets of Smart Tony find their mark in Chucho's chest.

David Ball 2010.

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60 Minute episodes of post watershed tongue in cheek grown-ups television drama.

Moral crimes are not always deemed a priority until we are affected by them; it can be a case of so, they get away with it, or we don't have time until or unless they get caught. The best line of vision is the blind eye. Yeah. Shit happens, it's morally wrong but, hey that's life! We live in a bruised society where people get hurt. Those not able to defend their castles or their actions leave themselves prey to the advantage takers; and there's no shortage of nasty takers.
Lives can be ruined in seconds, the straight left for dead by the opportunist. Morals or ethics aren't part of the equation. It's about grab, take, win and who cares who gets hurt? The meek will inherit the earth but it won't be this week or next year!
But, FLYMO cares. He's big on morals, bigger on injustice; our contemporary Batman, Cisco Kid or Lone Ranger, solving problems for the innocent victim the authorities don't appear to care about. Flymo is today's moral crusader, the sheriff's friend, the nasty's foe, doing his bit for justice in the vibrant, throbbing, redeveloped city of Cardiff.
Flymo's long standing friend, Tony Frost, known as TIC-TAC, a liver of life and loving every second of it, is his Robin, Pancho or Tonto. Both are of independent means and have no need to work but they share a lust for life and winning is what it's about.

Street cred essential; if it's wrong, it's wrong and if it hurts those they either know or love, Flymo and Tic-Tac will solve it using either the fair or dubious means at their disposal. It's what they do and they eat, sleep, drink and breathe it; better than working... any day!









David Ball 2011.

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Based on actual events, the script will be a fictionalised story depicting a family traumatised by the senior member being admitted into hospital in need of a life saving operation.
One minute, all is well and life is good; contentment abounds.
A lower abdominal pain becomes unbearable agony in a matter of hours. BILL, the man of the house rightly decides pain killers are not going to relieve the ailment and goes to the nearest A&E hospital. His wife SARA is working away and his older children, JO and FRASER live in London, whilst his two young boys are on holiday with their mother.
BILL is admitted with a minor ailment and treated with antibiotics and painkillers, expecting to be discharged in twenty four hours. The results of a scan the following morning reveal the problem to be significantly more than minor and emergency surgery is planned within three hours.
He is mystified by the changing symptoms and confused by the need to sign so many documents. He informs SARA who, on the surface, remains calm and they decide not to tell the children so as to stave further concern.
The operation reveals the existence of a far more serious condition and this is explained to BILL whilst he is irrationalised by morphine, hence not perhaps understanding the full gravity of his sudden demise.
The family are informed and visit their father in turn. During this time, his wife remains a family rock despite her own emotions being seriously tampered with.
BILL and his family come to terms with his condition and the need for recovery prior to further life saving surgery. During his hospitalisation, he has been observant and learned the art of "playing the game" as a patient, something which will stand him in good stead the next time he goes under the knife. His family have felt the threat of losing their father, previously and always their rock. Now they have to embrace the danger of the next operation and come to terms with possibly not having the rock around; nail biting emotion.
The screenplay will heavily feature the emotional side of "the difference". There is no right or wrong, purely a contrast of attitudes brought on by public naivety about how the hospital system works, seen through the eyes of and, ultimately in favour of, the patient and those close to him.


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Three luscious Welsh ladies.. "Having A Great Soiree". TV Sit Com

And now they're sharing a house, cash, cars, clothes (reluctantly) various men (ie, they've all had Gareth at some point in their lives, even Mel's Mum) and problems together.
Life is no bowl of cherries, grapes or strawberries. Men, children and parking attendants are a pain and a drain on our pleasure seekers. The crunch is here, affecting their lives in different ways. Wen's got no teaching assistant, Gwen's got no work and Mel can't take much more of Gwen's whinging; mind you, she's younger and sexier so she'll be successful as an actress.

But do life's little irritations stop our girls from living life to the hilt at two hundred miles an hour? Do they hell. They've served their sentences, done their time for others and now it's Me, Me, Me (and occasionally Us, Us, Us).

It's live now, pay never for as long as they can get away with it. The winter is cold, spring warm, summer hot and autumn even hotter for our tireless heroines, out to squeeze the very last drop out of life and what they can have from it. They've been on the receiving end, taken shit, been hammered big time and have collectively decided the future is theirs; but it's not the future. it's now. Now is every waking moment of every day and our girls are out to make hay even when the sun ain't shining!!

It's premieres, properties, pta meetings and, more importantly, parties as Wen, Gwen and Mel blow the Welsh capital away.

WHY NOT. They've missed out on so much so far and the clock is ticking; far too fast for the girls liking.

Impeded by one cousin (out of work), two nieces (horny as hell at Uni), a mother and an ex lover (to all three) Gareth, who thinks he's still in with a chance somewhere.even if it's a dogs chance.

Oh, by the way who are HAGS?

Three luscious Welsh ladies.. "Having A Great Soiree".

Created by David Ball.
Written by Neil Docking and David Ball.

David Ball/Neil Docking 2010.


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Good could never imagine evil......ever being this bad .

Unnis Saleh-Alim, fifth in the pecking order in Libya with a hunger to be first, must satisfy family honour before reaching his aspiration. He engages Solomon Nigris, a soulless assassin, to remove seven men from the face of the earth for reasons known only to him. Once completed, Saleh-Alim will be able to concentrate on implementing his life's ambition.
WW11 veteran Rats Swales is a likeable rogue, running a dubious freight business between Malta and Libya which has become far less lucrative since Gaddafi seized power. His Italian accomplice, Victor Ragonezi, loyal to a tee, crashes Rats final contraband cargo near Sirte. Saleh-Alim arrives by coincidence and murders Victor's illegal jewish passengers, having first stolen their bribe envelope of ten thousand dollars but unaware of the trunk they secreted near the crash site. Victor's sentence is twelve years for conspiracy but he is to escape seven years later, re-appearing in Rats office as Bruno Balselmo and sporting an artificial leg.
Nigris, a former hated employee of Rats, completes the hits in admirable fashion and decides on semi-retirement with his beautiful Danish partner, Ulla. Saleh-Alim blackmails Nigris into a final contract, the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi, coinciding with Rats and Victor's plan to return to Libya to relieve the "KILLING SANDS" of the long abandoned trunk, finally revealed by Mossad to contain millions of dollars in various tenders. Despite a universal pursuit by Interpol into the linked murders of the men, led by the uncompromising Inspector Ron Tobin of Special Branch, assisted by old friend, Captain Antonio Bianco in Milan, Nigris is secreted to Libya for special training to ensure the completion of the contract. Rats and Victor's arrival in Sirte to collect the booty is deliberately planned against the backdrop of a U.S. naval exercise, fractionally beyond Libya's disputed waters. President Reagan, tired of Gaddafi's belittlement of the modern west, decides to present the fanatic with the American solution. Rats and Victor's tiny recovery mission will presumably go unnoticed as Reagan and Gaddafi flex their muscles.
A gut wrenching crescendo sees Rats delirious from a scorpion bite, leaving the one legged Victor seconds to stop Nigris from shooting down Gaddafi's plane. Victor's survival instinct is heightened by bitter memories as he exacts revenge for Saleh-Alim's avarice and Nigris evil.
In an explosive finale at sea, Rats vessel is sunk, "all hands presumed lost" by Libyan jets which, in turn, are shot down by the US Navy perilously close to Gaddafi's water line. As the politicians play ping pong, the wily Victor saves Rats life and pension with a final act of brilliance.

 "KILLING SANDS" is a thriller. John Cleever 2013





PART 1. Deals with the first abdominal pain, the surgery and the commencement of a long argument with the Department of Work & Pensions.

PART 2. Deals with the need to have a second operation to repair something found during the first and the ongoing saga with the H M Government.

PART 3. Deals with the only operation I ever wanted, coping with great loss and a conclusion to the DWP saga.

PART 4. Deals with finalising matters via surgery, further loss and the attempt to get my life back.

EPILOGUE. Deals with the final surprise.

Copyright David Ball 2013.


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